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UERMMMC Medical Alumni Association of America, Inc., MARVADC Chapter, aims to unify all alumni residing in the Mid-Atlantic States of Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia.

The UERM MARVADC chapter is dedicated to protect, preserve, and promote the interests of its alumni and alma mater.

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History of

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In the early 1990’s, a handful of UERM alumni from Washington DC, Virgina, and Maryland gathered and met in the home of Dr. Rogelio Sion. The primary purpose of that meeting was to plan for a UERM reunion and convention to be held in Washington DC. During that time, Dr. Eugene Antonio (Class ‘66) suggested that a chapter within the locality be organized. And so, it came into fruition that MARVADC became a local chapter making it the third one organized here in USA, following that of the Northeast Chapter and that of the Midwest Chapter, the first and the second ones respectively. Towards the middle of that year, Dr. Adolfo Alonso (Class ‘65) was elected as its first President.

    Towards the mid 90’s saw other presidents of the chapter in the names of Dr. Rogelio Sion (Class ‘68),Dr. Roland Sabundayo, Dr. Vincent Casibang (Class ‘71), and Dr. Sam Dona (Class ‘73). It was during the term of Dr. Dona sometime in 1995, that the chapter was called [together with the rest of the MAAAI chapters] to actively participate in a concerted move, to help avert a threat to close down our Alma Mater which accrued financial woes and labor disputes through the years. A change in ownership of the educational institution of which UERM belonged, and consequent changes in its board and administrative positions, brought a stop to that threat. UERMMMCI stabilized and improved towards the rest of the decade. MARVADC on the other hand, renewed its strengths and contributions not only to the Alma Mater, but also to the leadership of the MAAAI National Association. MARVADC accorded leadership exemplified by: 1) Dr. Rogelio Sion, Founding Father and 2nd. President. 2) Dr. Bayani Elma, 3rd. President and 1st. editor of the Alumni Newspaper. 3) Dr. Vincent Casibang, 5th President. The chapter continued its effort with various projects and committment to the Alma Mater through fundraising and donations. 
      In 2000, the new mellinium brought forth a new president for MARVADC, Dr. Renato Flores (Class’79). New activities for the chapter were created. Fundraising and gifts in kind committee was organized, to contribute to the books & journals of the  Main Library of the College of Medicine. Other projects followed such as the “mentoring” of some few young alumni graduates. It was not unil the realm of then president Dr. Nannette G. Pasatiempo (Class ‘82) that the YADP was organized. The Young Alumni Development Program was initially conceptualized by Dr. Nathalie Bernabe-Quion (Class’88). She & a few other physicians started “mentoring”  some young alumni graduates of UERM.  In 2006, it caught the eye of then AFUSA’s incoming president, another MARVADC stalwart, Dr. Vickie Casibang (Class ‘71). YADP policies and guidelines were formally drafted and approved.
By 2008, with the help of MAAAI’s president-elect Dr. Susan Perez-Suntay (Class’77), YADP was formally organized together with its funding as an integral progam of MARVADC.  Dr. Nathalie Bernabe-Quion became first chairman, with Dr. Nannette G. Pasatiempo as co-chairman. Today, YADP participates in our Annual Medical Convention as we feature at least two young alumni members, present their scientific papers during the CME program event. It has become a fixture of the CME, better known as the YATG or the Young Alumni Travel Grant Award. The YADP remains a program sought by a significant number of UERM graduates, as they pursue residency training here in USA. The program attempts to develop the young alumni through mentoring, drafting CV’s and personal statements, “mock interviews” and, guidance to applications to various residency programs. We boast off our statistical figures, that these alumni grads who join the program and consequently the National Residency Matching Progarm, have a higher admission rate compared to the national average of IMG’s (International Med. Grads) applicants to various residency positions.

    Before the end of the decade MARVADC has engaged in other activities such as Leadership in-service Training Programs, brought about by joint sponsorship with AFUSA & MAAAI in 2008 & 2010 in Baltimore, MD. By the end of 2010, through the same joint partnership we were able to send a container van, packed with various medical equipment to UERMMMMCI. All these were acquired as donations mainly from Johns Hopkins Hospital Center, several physicians and other organizations.
    Today, through all our insights and hindsights as well, we continue to commit ourselves to the same passion and motivation with one goal in mind; to keep the alumni organization strong. We believe keeping the alumni spirit united and vibrant easily percieves the assurance that the organization will sustain itself for years to come.
MARVADC will continue to work with the MAAAI, the AFUSA and the rest in our medical community in the true sprirt of friendship.




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Adolfo .M. Alonso, MD
Rogelio G. Sion, MD

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The Young Alumni Development Program is accepting application for the annual award until December 15, 2014

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Winners of the 2016 YADP Award:

To be announced by December 31, 2015




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This website was made possible through the efforts of the Website committee, spearheaded by Drs. Bob Moorjani and Nathalie Bernabe-Quion. Everyone is invited to browse through this website and meet the people behind the UERM MARVADC Chapter. Find out more about our organization and feel free to contact us by e-mail. See contact section below.

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